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Vaishnavi Vaidyanathan, a disciple of world-renowned dancers Vidwan Keshav Kumar and Vidushi Dhattar Sisters from Karnataka, India, is an internationally acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer. She was a senior dancer at "Natanam Dance Company", which follows Kalakshetra style of Bhartnatyam). She has won many recognition including "Vishwakalaaratna"(national award) and "Karnataka Naatya Myuri" (state recognition) titles. She captivates the audience with her refreshingly innovative choreography, which has a contemporary touch, whilst adhering to the traditions of the art form. She spell bounds people with her sensitive and involved abhinaya (expression).In addition to Bharatnatyam she has also won accolades for her depiction of Devaki, Mother of lord Krishna, in Yakshagaana Taalamaddale (traditional theatre drama of Karnataka and Kerala). She has also performed various plays with many theatre groups across the country. She has choreographed Bollywood and Indian Contemporary, displaying the range of expertise across a large spectrum of dance forms. She has participated and was a finalist of national and state level television reality dance shows at an early age of 18.  Her production HARA SAMADHI - working along side , three amazing German  musicians  showcasing theatrical representation of  jazz ,electro and techno music  with Indian classical dance form which involves 6 song in an album with different theme  and representation.

Indian classical dance-  Bharatnatyam 

Bharatnatyam is the oldest Indian dance form .The dance has traditionally been a form of an interpretive narration of mythical legends and spiritual ideas from the Hindu texts.The performance repertoire of Bharatanatyam, like other classical dances, includes nrita (pure dance), nritya (solo expressive dance) and natya (group dramatic dance).

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