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Hara Samadhi - A theatrical Music and Dance Production brings out combination of tecno music , Indian music and Indian dance with contemporary. 


First Song: 

Panchabhutham -  According to Hindu Mythology every human body is essentially made from  five elements of nature  Earth 

( bhumi ) , Air ( vayu)  , Water (jala), Fire (agni ) and Space( aakasha) 

The piece is choreographed keeping intact all the nuances of Bharatnatyam, a classical dance art form from southern part of India. 

The composition revolve around the significance of each element .. 


Second Song: Shiva walks 

Tandava - Tandava is dance passion , anger and intense energy performed by lord shiva who is also known as ‘Nataraja’ the god of dance. According to Hindu scholars Tandava has seven variations which shiva performs in different moods.

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