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Indian Dance and Yoga 

As it is a universal fact that any form of dance involves a lot of physical movements and requires a certain degree of fitness depending on the corresponding style. Yoga involves a lot of breathing exercises and stretching exercises [asanas] which would enhance balance, spirituality, stamina and flexibility – the four most basic requirements for a dancer. Bharatanatyam is a dance form which involves both nritha [bodily movements] and abhinaya [facial expressions] – both of these playing equally important roles. I believe that it is very important for a successful performing artist to be at a fitness level that enables him/her to perform nritha at the same degree of intensity and let the abhinaya flow freely overpowering the constantly produced fatigue. Vinyasa, which is a major part of Ashtanga yoga, plays an extremely important role as itself in Bharatanatyam as the free flow and connection between poses and movements is as important as the pose or the movement itself.This can be achieved, by regular practice of Yoga.
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